Platform Speaker Challenge

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Daily Training Sessions On Public Speaking

Learn exactly what to do to get new high-paying clients consistently with your speaking engagements (see full program below)

Daily Worksheets And Training Drills

Leverage the power of interactive learning to develop new skills as you go along and get highly tailored feedback to skyrocket your progress

Stunning Prizes Up For Grab

Some participants will be selected to win a few stunning prizes to kick-start your speaking career or give your business the boost you deserve!

Immediate Access To Pre-Training Materials

Get unrestricted access to the full video-course Sales Mindset Secrets from today until the challenge begins

Schedule (each day from 7pm to 8pm UK time)

  • Tuesday May 5th:
    Pre-Training: The Platform Speaking Mindset
    Why speak on stage to grow your business and how to become unstoppable
  • Wednesday May 6th:
    Day 1: Your Identity As A Platform Speaker
    How to position yourself, what to speak about and who to serve
  • Thursday May 7th:
    Day 2: The Art And Science Of Storytelling
    How to craft your message and tell your story to truly inspire and connect with your audience
  • Friday May 8th:
    Rest Day
    No formal training session on Friday, just a recap so that you can focus on your homework and consolidate what you have learned so far
  • Saturday May 9th:
    Day 3: Mastering The Close
    How to create an irresistible offer and get your audience to buy on the spot…even if they’d never seen you before!
  • Sunday May 10th:
    Day 4: Secrets Of Follow-Up
    How to double your closing rate by following up after the event
  • Monday May 11th:
    Consolidation Day
    No formal training session on Monday, just a recap so that you can focus on your homework and consolidate what you have learned so far
  • Tuesday May 12th:
    Day 5: Your 12-Month Action Plan To High-Ticket Platform Speaker
    How to achieve your ultimate success as a platform speaker in 12 months or less
  • Wednesday May 13th:
    Bonus Training + Winner Announcement
    This will be most exciting session of the training! Make sure you join us on Wednesday to put everything together and find out who the winners are

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